Custom Wiring Harness

Wire Harness Assembly

Wire Harness Assembly

WH-064 Wire Harness


Our company is an experienced custom wire harness manufacturer supply JST Connector Wire Harness, Molex Connector Wire Harness, Dupont Jumper Cable, Wire to Wire Harness, LVDS Wire Harness, LCD Wire Harness, Led Wire Harness, Switch Wire Harness, Socket Wire Harness, Electronic Wire Harness, Home Appliance Wire Harness, Computer Wire Harness, ATX Wire Harness, Power Wire Harness, Electrical Wire Harness, Industrial Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Wire Harness, Medical Equipment Wire Harnesses, Power Supply Wire Harness, Battery Wire Harness, Passive Component-to-Wire Assembly, Multi Conductor Wire Harness, Cable Harness, OEM/ODM Wire Harness, Custom-Designed Wire Harness etc.
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Customized wire harness and cable assembly according to customer design and demand
OEM/ODM is welcome

Our products of wire harness and cable assembly are applied to various appliance, machine, equipment, instrument and device
Crimping connectors, cutting, stripping, pre-tin, twisting wire and cable.
Soldering LED, Power Jacket, Switch, Socket, DC Jack, D-SUB Connector, Resistor,
Diode, Speaker, Fuse, Header…etc.
Covering sleeve, PVC tube, heat shrink tube, braid hose, foil, tape, fabric...etc.
Binding cable tie, maker.
Coiling and looping ferrite
Screw terminal block