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RC-025 Custom Cable Assembly


Our company offers USB Cable, Mini USB Cable, Micro USB Cable, USB Panel Mount Cable, Audio & Video Cable, Stereo Audio Cable, DC Plug Cable, Computer Cable, D-SUB Cable, Lan Cable, Telecom Cable, Patch Cord, RJ45 Cable Assembly, Earphone Cable, Mini Din Cable, Din Cable, Speaker Cable, RCA Cable, Cigarette Lighter Cable, Waterproof Cable with superior quality and reasonable price.
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Customized wire harness and cable assembly according to customer design and demand
OEM/ODM is welcome

Our products of wire harness and cable assembly are applied to various appliance, machine, equipment, instrument and device.
USB Cable Assembly
USB A male, USB B male, USB A female, USB B female, Mini USB, Micro USB, Panel mount USB A female

D-SUB Cable Assembly
Molded D-SUB 9P male, 9P female, 15P male, 15P female, 25P male, 25P female
D-SUB assembly with cover 9P male, 9P female, 15P male, 15P female, 25P male, 25P female

DC Power Plug & Socket Cable Assembly
3.5X1.35mm, 5.5X2.5mm, 5.5X2.1mm straight and right angle type DC plug & socket

Stereo Plug & Socket Cable Assembly
2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6.35mm straight and right angle stereo plug and socket

DIN & Mini Din Cable Assembly
3P~8P male mini din
3P~8P famel mini din

RCA Plug and Jack Cable Assembly

RJ45 Cable Assembly
RJ45 8P8C molding type, non-molding type, shielded type, non-shielded type, round cable, flat cable

Modular Plug & Transfer Jack Telephone Cable Assembly

Cigarette Lighter Cable Assembly

M12 Waterproof Cable Assembly