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Solderless and Faston Terminal Wire Harness

Solderless and Faston Terminal Wire Harness

Non-insulated and Insulated terminal is solderless joining technique and engineered for fast and easy installation.

Wire Harness Assembly

Wire Harness Assembly

JIA YI provides various pitch of wire to board, wire to wire, IDC and board-in connector for wire harness assembly.


SATA Cable | Wire Harness Manufacturer - JIA YI

JIA YI ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. / SHIH HAN CO., LTD., since 2005, is one of the cable and wire harness manufacturers based in Taiwan.

Specialized in automotive wire, custom wiring harness and SATA cable custom design and manufacturing, JIA YI's cable and wire hardness are TUV, UL certified and pass ROHS compliant.

JIA YI has been offering customers high-quality custom wiring harness and cable assembly, both with advanced technology and 28 years of experience, JIA YI ensures each customer's demands are met.

Production Line

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Manufacturing

Wire & Cable Termination and Connection
Wire & Cable Termination and Connection

JIA YI can do wire harness and cable assembly manufacturing such as

★ Cutting, stripping, pre-tin, twisting for hook up wire, ribbon wire and round cable
★ Crimping, connecting terminal and connectors
★ Custom overmold and plastic injection
★ Soldering LED, power Jacket, switch, socket, DC Jack, D-SUB connector, resistor, capacitor, diode, speaker, fuse….etc.
★ Covering sleeve, PVC tube, heat shrink tube, braid hose, foil, tape, fabric....etc.
★ Binding cable tie, marker
★ Label sticker
★ Coiling and looping ferrite core
★ Screw terminal block
★ Assembly hood, cover, fuse holder....etc.